Services that we offer

"The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients."

- Matthew Odgers

Car servicing is something that every vehicle owner struggles with. Theonick Engineering works to reduce the hassle and provide you with fair pricing, expert advice, complete transparency, and many interesting offers to make it as easy as possible for you.

  • Full workshop facilities
  • advanced diagnostics
  • rMi accredited
  • unlimited product support

Our Services

Engine Overhaul & Replacement

Mechanical problems can hit anytime because of wear and tear and sometimes your engine may cease and fail because of underlying issues. You may want to do an engine overhaul to maintain your engine and if your engine is damaged then look at engine replacement. 

Professional Auto Advise

Looking to make some upgrades, or modifications to your car or just looking for general advise? We will offer you the most professional advise from our experts.

drivability problems

Your car is built with many components that make your driving experience comfortable, such as the suspension, the air conditioning system and many more. We make sure that your car retains its comfortability by maintaining these and making sure they work as they should.

Auto Electrical

Cars are highly reliant on the electrical systems functioning properly - and if it fails you may begin to experience a wide variety of issues, maybe electric windows not working or your car failing to start.

Minor / major Service

The main difference between minor and major service is the amount of time your car has travelled and parts required to carry out the vehicle specific maintenance schedule.

Advanced engine diagnostics

We use the most advanced technological diagnostic tools to make sure we repair the right faults and saving you money in the process by not witch hunting issues. A report will always be issued with every service.